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ARCSOA Elite Series: Back in the day a group of friends got together with a love for racing street cars wanted to start up their own league racing on race tracks the pros raced on. Forming together ARCSOA cost a lot of money and help from others to get it all started but it happened with a group of friends. Noah Hart was one of them pioneer drivers of the series that raced the first ever races of the series. The series has grown a lot since then into something world wide. The series stands for American Race Car Series Association and now its no longer just America races we go to. The races consist of everything around the world. However, Noah Hart was the winner of the first ever race of the ARCSOA Elite Series winning Round 1 in Season 1 at DAYTONA. The series had not gotten paperwork filled out entirely to get DAYTONA on air. Noah had very little success in Season 1 ending up 16th in points driving for Joe Gibbs #18. Noah announced he would not return to the team going into the finale.

Season 2 -- Noah joins Yates Racing to drive the #88 Ups Ford. To this date Noah says the funnest time to be racing in the series was driving for this team. Noah won 3 races that season at CIS, Fontana, and Talladega. Noah went into the Season 2 Finale with a shot at the championship only 6 back to Greg Brown. Greg Brown wrecked out giving Noah a chance at the title but damage from a wreck Noah was in earlier in the race kept him from making up enough ground and Noah lost the Season 2 Championship by 1 point.

Season 3 -- Since Noah had a contract with Yates for only 1 season and Barney Ward signed with Yates before Noah could sign on for another season Noah was left without a ride with the season coming close to a start and his brother on Evernham got him on the team making Evernham a family team. Noah won 3 races that season too at Mexico, Nagaro, and Norisring. However due to inconsistency Noah was not in the title hunt that season.

Season 4 -- Noah left Evernham for his dream team once again Yates Racing but the season 2 luck wasn't there for him. Noah had more DNF's that season than he did top 10s scoring 0 Wins that season. It would mark as the first season that Noah had never scored atleast 1 victory.

Season 6 -- Noah Hart was kicked off the team and had to drop into equipment that wasn't as quick, JTG Daughtry Racing. The Season saw much controversy with all the drivers in it. Noah was still struggling to even finish in the top 10s. Noah still went winless again and finished really low in points.

Season 7 -- Drivers and Teams and Noah himself was starting to question his abilities and if he was getting washed up, at this time in the era of ARCSOA many of the Season 1-2 drivers was starting to retire and leave and was it time for Noah to be packing his bags for someone new coming up the ranks to take his spot? Noah heading into Season 7 had his mindset on trying to get back to victory lane one last time and if it wasn't possible it was time to hang up the helmet. However early in the season Noah finally went back to victory lane! In a wreckfest at Savannah then a back to back win at Cape America. Noah was consistently strong the whole season. It paid off! Noah went into the finale with a good shot to be champion to try and get redemption from Season 2. He wrecked on the final lap but it wasn't enough for his competitors. Noah won the title by 1 point this time! After being wrote off as a washed up driver going into the season, leaving the season Noah grabbed 2 extra wins and a title!

Season 8 -- Noah got back on Yates for one final time in his career. Noah as a champion now wanted to pay back the team what they deserved in Season 2. Noah won at North Wilkesboro for his 10th career win there in one of the most special races in ARCSOA History and Noah went into the finale with the slimmest chance to come out as champion. Noah needed to win the race and have a lot of guys wreck out. Well. EVERYONE WRECKED. All the title contenders wrecked in that race but one other title contender. This opened the door for Noah to try and pull of the biggest ARCSOA Upset EVER. Noah had to win the race though, and he did! Noah's first and only win in DC. But his hard effort to try and get the #88 Team a championship it wasn't enough. Kenny Myatt was the only other title contender out there running and he was just high enough to take the honors of being the first ever 2 time champion.

Season 9 -- Noah joined Gibbs for the first time since Season 1 and this time with success! Noah was really strong that season. Gaining another opener win for Round 1 of Road Atlanta, Noah and Joe Gibbs Racing was only together 2 times in their careers and whenever they were they won the openers for the Seasons. Noah was strong all throughout the short season. Due to lack of money to keep the season going, the season suddenly ended and it ended while Noah was the point leader and by default Noah won the title for his 2nd ever title. This was Noah's last title.

Season 10 -- With no real good choice of car owners to choose from this season, Noah joined Petty. Noah struggled to find success and would go winless for the first time since Season 6.

Season 11 -- Noah decided to hop out the car for the season to own Hendrick Motorsports of Eugene Demax #24 and Nick Mace #48. This was going to be the first season without a Hart driver ever until MWR went searching for a driver and Jacob Hart still having an ARCSOA License decided to come back since Season 7 to race. Noah as an owner worked out really well. Nick won 4 races in a row that season for Hart. The team came close to drivers championship honors but Noah's team for Hendrick won the Team Championship.

Season 12 -- Noah got back in the drivers seat. Hart-Mace Racing was the team name as #5 Noah Hart and #48 Nick Mace drove that season. Noah found victory lane for the first time in 3 seasons at Las Vegas in a crazy last few laps. Noah however the whole season was all over the place and didn't do so well.

Season 13 -- This season was the birth of FUEL Brothers Racing. Noah Hart #47 and Jacob Hart #87 was the dominate cars all season. Noah won 2 races that season at a GP Race and Ohio. Noah and Jacob swapped the point lead all season but a swap at the top of the points list one last time after Mosport left Jacob Hart as the points leader and yet again the season had to come to a dead end due to sponsorship problems in try to have the money to host the races. Leaving the Hart Boys 1-2 in points but with Noah as the runner up. The win Noah Hart got at Ohio would be his last victory in Elites ever.

Season 14 -- Noah drove for Yates in a very mediocre season struggling to finish in the top 15.

Season 15 -- Much like the same season, Noah drove for Yates to a mediocre season. Noah started having thoughts on if he should hang up the helmet and retire.

Season 16 -- Noah driving for his own team again for FUEL Brothers Racing in the #17 and #18 car with his brother. Noah announced mid part in the season after being mediocre for yet another season that he was retiring. Noah and Jacob only got 2 top 10s finishes the whole season. At the finale in Season 16 the fans went crazy for the Hart Brothers and Nick Mace as they were saying their goodbyes as full-time drivers.

Season 17 -- FUEL Brothers Racing wasn't in business anymore. They still had the shop basically as a museum for guest and the AMERICAN 700 was right around the corner and Nick Mace called up Hart if he wanted to race in the big event that he would help him get a good car for the race. Noah qualified in and raced real well for the first time in 4 seasons. Giving Hart hope that he might have what it takes to still win. Noah did well lead laps but didn't win the race. Noah went home thinking maybe he retired a little too early.

Season 18 -- Noah Hart couldn't help but think he might still have enough to win races and open the doors for the FUEL Brothers Racing shop to prep for the AMERICAN 700. Noah and Jacob went to work for a whole season leading up to the event. A week after the S17 AMERICAN 700 Noah and Jacob was prepping for the Season 18 Event. They took their cars out to Fontana and tested on the closed course many times while the AES was out running their regular events. Coming up to the Season 18 AMERICAN 700, Noah and Jacob thought if they still had anything left at running upfront to win races in the biggest series of the world it was going to happen in this race. Noah and Jacob qualified in with ease. Noah led over hundreds of laps during the event. Noah was the car to beat! The conditions had it really hot during the hot race. The Edurance was hard of Noah but his engine was made for the miles. Noah coming to the finish of the race found his car becoming less strong as it once was. It went 600 miles being dominate the final 100 miles was difficult. Noah ran upfront in the final laps trying to win. Battling for the win for the first time in many seasons! Noah's dominating preformace the whole night wasn't meant to be. Noah Hart finished 3rd after battling hard with Sean Perkins and Shaun Gallighan in the final laps. The race made Hart realize he still has what it takes to win! Noah and Jacob Hart after that race began attempting races after that race. Jacob Hart returned to victory lane for the first time in 5 seasons winning the Season finale!

Season 19 -- FUEL Brothers Racing is in action. Noah and Jacob are back and racing full-time for the first time since Season 16. After much controversy the way this season has started off with, Noah and Jacob aren't liked by much with their return full-time by the actions on track for how this season is going so far but Noah Hart is still looking for that first win in the AES since Season 13.

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