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 SCS 2016 Free Agents

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SCS 2016 Free Agents Empty
PostSubject: SCS 2016 Free Agents   SCS 2016 Free Agents EmptySeptember 15th 2015, 9:30 pm

Ordered highest prospect ratings

Cooper Syron (Offer from: Horizon Group)
Dillon Young
Alan Cavagnaro
Chris Louviere (Matters if he retires)
Charles Jackson
Vincent Allen
Dom Caps
Matt Duncan
Rick Shultz
James Shelly
Micheal Cavagnaro
Micheal White (Matters if he retires or resigns)
Steven Jenkins
Nick Pericles
Brandon Jefferson

Post your free agents below and come back to the original post to see if someone wants to hire you.
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SCS 2016 Free Agents
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