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 American 700 Schemes Request

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American 700 Schemes Request Empty
PostSubject: American 700 Schemes Request   American 700 Schemes Request EmptyAugust 17th 2015, 7:19 pm

Yes, I am not in a position to paint these, and would like for some help. Interested, please comment. Also, these will be spit up for the two teams I entered. So, enjoy.

Divine Dragon Motorsports
Car Number: 888 & 999
Primary Sponsor: Mugen Honda
Associate Sponsors: Honda
Manufacturer and Model: Honda Civic
Mod: Original Cup
Sponsors: Just the Mugen Honda, and Honda emblems
DUE DATE: Before the American 700 Deadline
Notes: Make it clash with Red and White.

Finguy-Psytomi Nintendo Motorsports
Car Number: 101, 202, 303, & 404
Primary Sponsor: Nintendo
Associate Sponsors: Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U
Manufacturer and Model: Ford Fusion
Mod: Original Cup
Sponsors: Like the DDM's, just Nintendo, and the game.
DUE DATE: Before the American 700 Deadline.
Notes: There was an original idea, but I decided to step away from it. But the one in mind was to have red on one side of the car, blue on the other, separated by the top of the car. Like the hood, roof, and the back. That color, white.

Sorry for that, and even so. I wish someone could help.
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American 700 Schemes Request
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