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 The Sony Cup Series Is On The Right Track.

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The Sony Cup Series Is On The Right Track. Empty
PostSubject: The Sony Cup Series Is On The Right Track.   The Sony Cup Series Is On The Right Track. EmptyJuly 24th 2015, 8:46 pm

Over the seasons and years of being in the NR2003, we have seen NR2003 Offline Leagues kinda die off as to how popular they were in 2011 and 2012. 2013-2014 we saw a huge decrease in interest from a lot of the community, the SCS was popular from the late 2012 early 2013. Season 2-5 was the great modern era in popular and interest from the series from the public stands of things. Comments and Views arranging high at the time. The series has found very little interest. Getting on average 10-15 comments from people in a 42 car field series and views on average 30-60 views through out the season after the opening races of the seasons (The DAYTONA 500). Besides the Daytona 500s over the seasons the SCS has struggled to grab the attention of the public of the once popular Season 2 - Season 5 was able to do. With Season 7, Season 14, and Season 15 being the only stand out seasons that are actually worth the look back and entertaining to this day to watch. The series went through 3 back to back to back mediocre seasons. Season 16-18 being some of the most mediocre seasons of them all. Coming into Season 19 the SCS needed a change, needed to do something drastic in making offline racing fun again for the Sony Cup Series. Season 18 ended 2015 January, I felt the need to take a 3 month long break away from racing to rest and hopefully get energized to want to commentate races again and ponder on the idea of what to do for Season 19. The idea for a custom car series and a year long schedule race for the 2015 Sony Cup was at stake. The idea was thrown to the public early January and was immediately accepted. Since the comeback of the Sony Cup Series going full-time again for a 2015 Season racing from March to December the series has found major change in views and attention. The communications about the series from drivers and teams picked up dramatically than it has in like 2 years since early 2013. Old drivers and New alike are knocking on the doors wanting in raising the thoughts of a possible 2nd lower series for the 2016 Season. The views for the 2015 Season has picked up higher than it ever has! Every race this season since DAYTONA to Homestead out of 13 Races this season has over 100 views. The series has an average of 120 views on every 2015 Race this season! Nearly 2 and a half times more than the average view of the races since Season 5 (14 Seasons Ago). The series gets comments and feedback from the drivers like never before. Instead of having a few drivers disappear from the action in the middle of the season. Things are only picking up. All 42 drivers actively commenting back on the forum or on the youtube video page. An more people that are not even in the series watching tuning in, looking for a possible opening to race in the ARCSOA Sony Cup Series 2015 Season. The storylines has been amazing this season as well, the driver swaps, the driver feuds, the manufacturer dispute, its all fun for this season! I'm so happy this season has turned out the way it has something needed a change and I'm glad ARCSOA has an amazing community like this that we continue to grow! In my opinion this is the best community in NR2003 Offline out there. Amazing kids you guys are. Love you all. Lets finish off the other 2/3rds of this 2015 Season!!

President Of The Sony Cup Series
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The Sony Cup Series Is On The Right Track.
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