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 New Faces In Different Rides Heading Into Homestead

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New Faces In Different Rides Heading Into Homestead Empty
PostSubject: New Faces In Different Rides Heading Into Homestead   New Faces In Different Rides Heading Into Homestead EmptyJuly 13th 2015, 2:33 pm

This season has been a season of many news headlines. A lot has happened this season a lot of story lines have hit the board this season. Many driver swaps have happened this season and its not going to stop there. After Lee Mayers CEO Of The Sony Cup Series put his foot down on Monday driver Sean Perkins will not be racing in the next 2 races.

HorizonGroup to try and find a new driver. HorizonGroup owner Ike Durbin looked over at the drivers available and he called up a driver who has raced 3 times already this season for 2 different race teams, Jeffery Lynn. A 3-time winner of the series, Jeffery started the season off driving for the Allen Family Racing Team's #45 and won the pole for the 2015 DAYTONA 500 besides that Lynn failed to qualify for Rockingham and destroyed the car in a wreck in Las Vegas and was released after Round 3. With a last min driver change needed at Monster Energy Racing, Jeffery Lynn drove the #4 for a one race deal. Jeffery with no real destination in having a ride week to week looking for offers and Ike Durbin has called up Jeffery Lynn to race the #78 Audi for Homestead and Indianapolis.

FUEL Brothers Racing's Owner/Driver Noah Hart being injured in a wreck that happened in the ARCSOA Elite Series had no choice but to sit out and recover called up a good friend who also raced in the 2015 DAYTONA 500, Zeb Stark. Zeb has been trying to get into the series with a 3rd FBR car but FBR has not been able to work together a 3rd car deal at the moment. Giving Zeb the perfect opportunity to shine as much as he can in the next few races with FBR replacing Noah for a couple of races racing in the #47.

Mountain Dew Racing has struggled to have success. The team says they aim for Top 15 finishes week in and week out and the new program starting up for them is just not hitting the track they would like. Newman last seasons champion had been their best driver but Jordan Newman told the press after Talladega that he is uninterested in racing anymore and wants to go on a break and if he feels like this is something he wants to do he'll return another day. So Mountain Dew Racing with no driver now has called up a driver who had been racing full-time this season leading up to Talladega, Nick Pericles. Nick Pericles sits 15th in points after missing Talladega (-70pts). Mountain Dew Racing said "We liked having Newman on our team, we like knowing that we had some of the best drivers on our new team. Him and Cavanaugh 1-2 in points last season shows that we had some of the best drivers. We are a new team and want to run upfront but are only building our program to try and run well. I believe we have what it takes to possibly win a race and run upfront. We've shown that this season coming really close. Pericles has shown strength this season with the best team out there and I believe nothing but greatness for our team can come from having him behind the wheel. I believe he would be a great asset to the team and if we can build some top 15 runs like Jordan Fisher we could possible put Pericles in the title fight as well."

Athenian Motorsports of the #55 Zaxby's team has decided to race full time besides racing part time (However Athenian Motorsports will not be racing road course races). Driver Hunter Davis has been their driver this season but the team has released him due to not meeting the team requirements and certain goals that the team has asked. Athenian Motorsports has hired on Matthew Rodriguez and they have asked him to finish in the top 20 that is the teams goal with Matthew.

#31 Jordan Newman --- #31 Nick Pericles
#47 Noah Hart --- #47 Zeb Stark
#55 Hunter Davis --- #55 Matthew Rodriguez
#78 Sean Perkins --- #78 Jeffery Lynn

President Of The Sony Cup Series
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New Faces In Different Rides Heading Into Homestead
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