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 2015 DWSR Preseason Headlines

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PostSubject: 2015 DWSR Preseason Headlines   2015 DWSR Preseason Headlines EmptyJune 21st 2015, 12:25 am

Young Motorsports and Dodge In Trouble?

During an all day testing session for all DWSR teams earlier today, Young Motorsports brought 4 different cars to the track....and they all blew up less than 1 hour into the testing session, making them go home before noon, much to the confusion of many drivers. Dodge has not released a statement on this, but Young Motorsports seems to be very unhappy with them as they sent a very aggressive message to them on Twitter. With the season only a few weeks away, Young Motorsports could be in reliability trouble.

Concerns Arising Over The Attendance Record of Sanctum Racing

With not much time left until the season starts, it's become pretty well known over the lack of attendance Sanctum Racing Team has shown this whole off season. Sanctum Racing Team was one of the teams that took one of the 2 open spots for full time entries this season. Sanctum has been mighty quiet with their sole entry, heck no one except for them even know what the car even looks like. Sanctum better hurry as many teams would love to fill in that one spot.

DWSR Stewards Concerned Over Large Increase of Possibly Inexperienced Drivers

This off season has been quite a change compared to last season with a return to older vehicles, but questions have been raised about the new influx of rookies taking part this season. Unknown names such as Veronika Novakovsky, Kyle Nova, and the 16 year old hype train Cooper Syron will be racing full time this season. Many veteran drivers, while happy to see new talent, are worried for the racing quality and how some of these new drivers will perform come the beginning of the season.

Hartlepool Motorsports As Usual Is Boasting About Their.....Pit Crew?

You know every season we hear very bold statements from drivers and team managers, stuff usually along the lines of "We're going for the Championship" is so common it's become kind of derogatory and has become a sign of unrealistic minds.....but HPM has been a different this season. Loud Australian Zachary Fitzwater is vocal about himself as always....but the team managers are bragging about their pit crew of all things. Claiming that their pit crew can do a 4 tire + full fuel pit stop in under 11 seconds when the average for that is typically 12-13 seconds. If this unrealistic statement is true, HPM could be a dangerous late race threat...

Tension Arising At Retro Racing Enterprises?

With backmarker Nick Smith switching to a managerial role at Retro Racing Enterprises, RRE decided to go with kind of an oddball pick of Angel Navarro, a driver long time viewers might recognize. While the only Mexican driver to win a race in the series, Navarro has been questioned for a long time for his intelligence and manners within in the racing community. Last summer he was kicked out of a Mexican stock car series for being too much of an ass to people off track, and so far he's brought his poor attitude to DWSR. Angel has so far been easily outpaced by his teammate Deanna Shelton, and has been very vocal about it, spouting off snide remarks over the poor quality cars he claims are being given to him. Rumors are starting to fly over a possible replacement in the #21 if Navarro keeps this up.

More TBA

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2015 DWSR Preseason Headlines
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