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 Forum Rules 2015 Edition

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Forum Rules 2015 Edition  Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules 2015 Edition    Forum Rules 2015 Edition  EmptyMarch 2nd 2015, 6:21 pm

The rules of the forum are pretty self explanatory. They can all be summed up with one saying... DON'T ACT LIKE AN IDIOT!

However here are some specific rules

I. Do not flame others. -Flaming is bad, don't do it. Flaming is the virtual version of poking someone with a stick just to see how much you can get away with before they snap. If I see it, you will occur a major penalty.

II. Do not spam- Spam is pretty much garbage that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. It is annoying to sift through if you are an admin. Depending on how much you spam, will determine how I (and other admins) will punish you.

III. Do not piss off the admins- I'll say it now, I don't like it when people piss me off. At times I do take offense to things, and I will just snap and ban someone because I was mad. (etc. Cavagnaro) The majority of the time when I calm down, I will reinstate you.

IV. Try and avoid threads from going into the dumpster- The dumpster is a place where you don't want to be. Avoid making posts that will eventually end up there.

V. Don't ask when the next race will be up/when will my car be done- Keep in mind, Noah, Shane, Ike, Yamp, and myself have lives outside of NR2003. (I have college, Noah and Ike work, Shane is well Shane, and Yamp is busy too.) Begging us to upload a race or get your car done is an invitation to make your car garbage, make it look like garbage, or both. Plus you may also receive a small vacation from the forum!

VI. Do not beg to join certain leagues- I know for a fact, Noah, Shane, and Yamp are pretty open to allowing people in. I however require a bit of effort put in on your end before I will approve you. Begging will get you into Elites no faster, in fact it will probably get you in even slower.

VII. If banned, do NOT make another account- If you think you can pull one over on the admins, then be my guest. You'll see how fast you'll end up on the ban list.

VIII. If you have been previously banned, the admins MAY give you another chance if you can prove you have grown up.

IX. If you want a MINOR League... you must get it APPROVED by an admin first. If one admin disapproves of it... it is finished, unless you can provide an actual reason why it should be approved. WARNING if one disapproves don't go running to another admin asking for approval thinking it never happened. We admins do talk to each other on a routine basis, so we can see through your bull.

X. Don't break the rules in the chat box- Yes this forum actually has a working chat box... The chat box is a bit more informal... Yet obey the rules up there as well.
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Forum Rules 2015 Edition
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