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 Driver Suspended Indefinitely After California

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Driver Suspended Indefinitely After California Empty
PostSubject: Driver Suspended Indefinitely After California   Driver Suspended Indefinitely After California EmptyMay 18th 2015, 5:02 pm

Some buzz was going on in the garage right after the race that a driver was suspended from racing in the ARCSOA World, the media and officials keep it really hushed but that driver is Brandon McGuirt. Brandon just coming back from racing for the first time in 4 seasons had to renew his license at the start of the week leading up to California and failed his drug test just before the race at California. The results got back to ARCSOA right at the end of the race that a driver did not pass the test. Brandon McGuirt was found under the substances of marijuana and tabacco products. Brandon has told us this morning that he had been "dipping" just shy of the weekend and has been suspended from the Sony Cup Series.

Allen Family Racing has announced that Ryan Acosta will be his replacement in the #45. It will be the 3rd different driver behind the wheel in only the 5th race of the season starting at Arkansas, Acosta was released from Monster Energy Racing after Las Vegas and did not have a ride for the season afterwards but has only missed 1 race and will be back full time with Allen Family Racing at Arkansas this coming weekend.

President Of The Sony Cup Series
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Driver Suspended Indefinitely After California
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