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 The Struggle...

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The Struggle... Empty
PostSubject: The Struggle...   The Struggle... EmptyApril 13th 2015, 1:44 pm

With me waiting til like Thursday to do the Shootout for Saturday and then doing Qualifying on Saturday and having to publish it on Sunday, and then me running Duel #1 on Saturday as well. Then me being busy working Saturday night and Sunday dayshift then church late night. With my schedule being working night shifts of 4-10 all week except Friday and Saturday. I still had to do the Duel #2 and Last Chance race for Thursday and good news... School got rained out due to floodings and I finished the recordings!! So I get to have them races out the days I wanted them to be and the DAYTONA 500 will probably be ran on Friday or Saturday, I have prom this weekend and I got to get this DAYTONA 500 speedweeks out and its becoming a hassle in trying to get these videos out.

However, just giving you an insight of how I waited a little too long to start this season and now I'm pushing it on getting these races out on the promised dates.

I guess this shows that this Year Format Season is gonna be a true staple because of how busy I am, once I get Daytona finished I can get enough time for 1 video. But many videos like this is a true struggle.

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The Struggle...
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