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 Plans For Next Season.

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Plans For Next Season. Empty
PostSubject: Plans For Next Season.   Plans For Next Season. EmptyMarch 3rd 2015, 3:48 pm

So I'm posting some ideas I have for next season already. I'd like to show these off and I hope ya'll will give some feedback...

New Race Format: The below is an edited quote I made from TMPedia, this describes the format.

Quote :
The race weekend layout changed from a single race layout to a two-three race weekend. For race 1, a qualifying session determined the order of the starting grid, while for race 2, the field lined up in order of how they finished in race 1. However, for race 3, the results from race 2 were inverted, and the driver who started last started on pole and so on. Adding onto this, each driver only have a primary and a backup car.

Now this format depends on the track and event. For races categorized as "special", like the Talladega 500, will only be one total race unlike most of the other races. For oval races, we will only do 2 races for each location. with the 2nd race being a straight up reverse grid. Road courses will do 3 races in each location, and will follow the quoted format above.

Schedule: I currently have a 18 Rounds planned, which total in 40 races total (Which include one-race events). So ya'll will get more races, technically. I also like a shorter schedule, makes it easier for me to choose tracks lol.

A Return To An Old Mod: Most likely we're coming back to the Gen 6 mod, as those cars have better distinguishable manufacturers thanks to it's larger and more varied shapes. However this removes a few manufacturers like Renault, unless a Gen 6 template is made for it.

The Cars: A new painting guideline will help people distinguish cars a lot easier than before. Here's a small list of sorts.

-Same number font on each car
-Same base and secondary color on each car, however the main color for each individual car can be changed upon request or recommendation.
-Same manufacturer between each member of the team
-Same main sponsor on each car

I'm probably gonna get rid of the number plate, as I think it's too small and if I made it any bigger I don't think it would look right, so back to NASCAR style number painting.

New Series: Since the series isn't under ARCSOA, ARCSOA Lights should technically be irrelevant to the series. So, the series is getting it's own developmental type series. It's basically a series where Patriot's Trophy drivers and newer characters can do something while waiting for their DWSR attempts. This unnamed series (Codename: DuPont Lights for now) will be using the original cup mod, so there will be use for the mod still. The series would also follow DWSR through most of it's schedule, but will have its own stand alone races at some points.

New All-Star Event: One thing I've noticed from All-Star races is that they lack.....originality, in terms of the format. Also all-star events only pertain to ovals, I want to give drivers a race on each type of track. Plus, teams aren't as important.

-The track will be at Charlotte, for now.
-Two races will be held, one on the oval configuration, and one on the road configuration.
-The team/driver with the best average after two races will be the "DWSR Team Champions". The name for this event is currently under the codename: DuPont Pro Bowl.
-To qualify, a team must have at least one car win a race during the season, for each different car/driver put in victory lane, the more cars they can enter into the event. This increases a team's odds of getting a good finish, as they can rely on more than one car to get a good finish. The best finishing car of each team will be the car credited towards the average.
-A showdown will be held between teams without a single car entered, so teams that already have at least one car entered already won't be allowed in the "showdown".

More TBA Later

Plans For Next Season. 1596295_716114075065766_1214123162_o_zpsrdlwdp98
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Plans For Next Season.
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