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 CEO Debate/Voting (Voting closes 10/15)

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Who is your vote for CEO
Greg Caraway
 0% [ 0 ]
Shiek Abdul Al-Shishkabab
 22% [ 2 ]
Thomas P. Tramser
 22% [ 2 ]
Kayla Tonney
 56% [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 9



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PostSubject: CEO Debate/Voting (Voting closes 10/15)   October 14th 2015, 12:00 am

After the only Debate for CEO... the CEO race is wide open. The debate consisted of 5 questions that each candidate answered. Here are their responses

Q: ARCSOA has tried a long schedule in Season 19, so far it really hasn't worked. Why is that, and would you shorten the schedule for Season 20

Caraway: What we have to do is eliminate these damn international races. As a team owner, I understand that the teams can not go overseas to race around in some country like Latvia where only 3 people will show up. Other then the United States and Canada, the only other country that can hold a race on it's own is Amaria because it is a large tourist destination. Lets keep the series to North America.

Sheik: The schedule deserves to stay long. There is a popular Middle Eastern Market for Stock Car Racing. Races in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain would be on the table under an Al-Shiskabab administration. Replace silly races like Darlington, Colorado and Florida with those, and the attendance will be higher. Over polluting of a small European Market also killed attendance faster then the plague.

Tramser: I agree with Greg (Caraway), cutting the commie races is a great idea. The British Race can hold its own, however other then that none of the other European countries can. My plan to drive up attendance is to give more races to the Southern United States. Texas has a monster market that is untapped right now. By itself, Texas can hold two AES races and get away with it. I am even considering getting rid of large races up north such as New York, Michigan, and even yes, Ohio to give the larger markets in Mississippi, Texas, and Arizona races.

Tonney: Yes it is true that the European races did not do well. I have a feeling the Australian ones will have the same outcome as well due to overpopulation down there. One ARCSOA race in Australia would make a killing with drivers like Cooper Syron and Zachary Fitzwater being fan favorites. But 4 races plus a New Zealand race is a bit much.

Q: There is an intense cost increase expected for Season 20 based on a technology spike. Some privateer teams can not handle this cost increase. What is your response to drive down costs.

Caraway: As a team owner, I understand that costs in this sport are completely high. I know D&C has to rely on Chevrolet quite a lot to maintain our spot on the grid. However it is nice when you have a privateer team that buys a car and does well. As CEO, I would eliminate 2 rules, first the ban on manufactures only supplying one team. If Chevy wants to supply 3 teams, let em. The 2nd is the ban on customer cars, I say let teams buy cars from a manufacture instead of joining technical alliances like they do now.

Shiek: Simple, I will pay for everything. The series is fine where it is at. No team will have problems because if they do, I will buy the materials needed for them.

Tramser: My solution is simple as well, cut the amount of manufactures down to 3 or 4. If we eliminate a bunch of these foreign manufactures and base our series on mainly all American Manufactures, I think we can even out the playing field and drive down costs.

Tonney: I think everyone is missing a very interesting point. It is not about what technology can give you, it is about how wealth is distributed in this series. I am proposing a restructure of the economic system in ARCSOA. Teams would pay into ARCSOA, then the combined entry fees from all the teams will be redistributed with a small percentage going to the series. The teams must only use the funding that they were given to develop their cars. If they do anymore, the team will face severe punishment.

Q: The importance of endurance racing has grown on the fans in America. What role will Endurance racing play into ARCSOA.

Caraway: NONE AT ALL! I have been very clear that ARCSOA was not founded on Endurance racing. These cars are only designed to run 150 miles, and having them run 700 is ridiculous. I would ban them outright.

Shiek: I will have them run an 800 mile race in my home country. So I will keep endurance racing.

Tramser: I have no problem with the American 700 or Indianapolis 250. Keep in mind I pushed for Texas Motor Speedway to host the American 700 in Season 16, and guess what I got that done.

Tonney: I have raced a bit, my grandfather raced in the Bathurst 1000. The Bathurst 1000 was the basis for the American 700. My dad and I have both worked together to preserve the prestige of that race. I love Endurance racing, it is the most thrilling test of the relationship between driver and machine in the world.

Q: The Points system has been contested lately. There has been a push to develop a playoff system similar to that of what the Sony Cup Series has proposed in AES. Are you for that?

Caraway: Nope, a playoff system is good for Stick and Ball sports, but not for racing. All football stadiums are the same. No race track is the same. That is why a playoff system won't work.

Shiek: Go for it! I love anything that increases drama.

Tramser: I am also a bit in favor of it. Drama = More TV ratings, more TV ratings = More Money, More Money = More Power/Monopoly of American Stock Car racing.

Tonney: I guess I am indifferent on a playoff system. It has never been attempted in Australia, and I do not know much about it. If a playoff system is done correctly, it might not be bad. But the proposed Sony Cup Series system is pretty stupid.

What are your closing Statements?

Caraway: I want to return ARCSOA to what it was under CEO William Carpenter. Miss Tilton has done incredible damage to ARCSOA by growing it beyond control. If we can reel it back in, ARCSOA can be what it once was.

Shiek: I LOVE RACING! By the powers of the heavens above, I was put on this earth to run this series. This series is already amazing, and I want to preserve every bit of it the way it is. Money can solve all problems that the series has. No other form of Motorsports is as competitive as the ARCSOA Elite Series, and I intend to keep it that way.

Tramser: ARCSOA is a beloved series here in America. However that love has slipped in the last few seasons here in the United States. I am saying, lets forget about all international expeditions, and focus on grabbing a Motorsports monopoly by absorbing all other American Motorsports series. ARCSOA will then have supreme power, money will increase, and the quality of racing will increase.

Tonney: Why should the team owners, fans, manufactures, and drivers pick a 26 year old female to run their beloved series. I am young, inexperienced, and portrayed as immature. But what I do have is the ability to be a natural born leader. I can run this series with expertise and I think I can be the face of this series for many years to come. Miss Tilton has done a good job running the series, and William Carpenter did as well. However it is now time for us to move on with a new face, a new leader, and a new direction for ARCSOA. I, Kayla Tonney, a young women from Australia, believe I can do it. Now I just need your confidence in me, and we can get ARCSOA on the right direction.

So the polls are open, who will be the next CEO of ARCSOA? Your vote here and now is important.
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PostSubject: Re: CEO Debate/Voting (Voting closes 10/15)   October 14th 2015, 12:03 am

Kenny: It is turning into a Caraway vs. Tonney race for CEO now. Caraway makes sense, but his position on Endurance racing might make him lose. Tonney is young, but fiery.
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CEO Debate/Voting (Voting closes 10/15)
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