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 American 700 1st test

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PostSubject: American 700 1st test   September 9th 2015, 5:01 pm

As the paddock for the ARCSOA Elite Series arrives back in the United States, the teams and drivers began testing the brand new pavement on the Auto Club Speedway, home to the American 700. Speeds were actually quite less then expected however one notable thing was the quite amazing pack racing.

3 time ARCSOA Elite Series Champion Kenny Myatt stated, "Track is surprisingly slow for having all this grip. There really wasn't any increase in speed when they repaved the track. However the track now allows us to remain in a pack for extended periods of time. We were getting away with some pretty crazy stuff testing today, and that will only increase during the race."

The test was highlighted by a multi-car crash that began when Sarrienen cut down across Wascher's bumper on the back straight. Therefore triggering an 8 car pile up into turn 3. Collecting McKane, S. Perkins, Syron, E. Perkins, Rehall, and finally Perclies. "It looked as if Toumas didn't realize that Kris was there, they were going 4 wide at the time so it was a simple misjudgment on Sarry's part," stated reigning American 700 champion Sean Perkins.

The American 700 will take place after the round of Michigan on the weekend of the 4th of July. However the run up to the American 700 stops off at Pikes Peak this weekend, next weekend at Oklahoma, and finally in Michigan at the Flint Speedway.
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PostSubject: Re: American 700 1st test   September 10th 2015, 7:05 pm

Wait! Would I still be able to sign up Bradley Bishop Jr for the American 700?
If so what templates could I use? (Manufactures)
And where can I get them?
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American 700 1st test
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