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 FRL Motors *Not Yet Confirmed*

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PostSubject: FRL Motors *Not Yet Confirmed*   August 24th 2015, 12:05 pm

FRL Motors is a team started by road course legend Sherman Cox. It is a team made up of 6 different road course racers for Alan Cavagnaro's F1 league the "Formula Racing League." These drivers are known as the BEST road course racers in the world! Cox recently signed them up for the Sony Cup Tier 2 Series (Verizon Cup Series) and they are waiting to be confirmed...

Verizon Cup Series

Drivers (Current/Previous):
-Gabrielle Anderson, Canada (2015-Present) (#47)
-Levente Beno, Hungary (2015-Present) (#48)
-Giannis Argyros, Greece (2015-Present (#49)
-Erich Segner, Liechtenstein (2015-Present) (#47 Backup)
-Benjamin Peterson, USA (2015-Present) (#48 Backup)
-Li-liang Chén, China (2015-Present) (#49 Backup)

-iGP Manager (2015-Present) (#47, Primary)
-Criminal Minds (2015-Present) (#48, Primary)
-Obutto (2015-Present) (#49, Primary)

Ford (2015-Present) (VCS)
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PostSubject: Re: FRL Motors *Not Yet Confirmed*   August 24th 2015, 7:20 pm

Beno = It would be an honour to race in an SCS series. I've watched their races for years and taken pointers from some of the drivers. It's also an honour to be called one of the best road course racers in the world!
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FRL Motors *Not Yet Confirmed*
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