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 The McBlair Family

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The McBlair Family Empty
PostSubject: The McBlair Family   The McBlair Family EmptyAugust 20th 2015, 10:20 am

The McBlair Family is a racing family from UK. They're one of the more unknown racing families around but they still have talented drivers under their belt.

R. McBlair: The lead person of the McBlair Family is Randy McBlair. He is 36 years old and started racing when he was about 15 years old. His passion was mainly truck racing, he loved how people managed to turn trucks into race cars. At 25 years old he started rally-cross with his wife, he won 5 races and got on the podium 8 times in his 30 race career. When he was 35 ARCSOA finally recruited him he joined the ARCSOA Bass Pro Shops Truck Series which was cancelled after S1. Time flew by and he didn't have a ride in ARCSOA so of course he went in for one last rally-cross race where he placed second. After that his agent notified him that Napa Trucks Series would now be a Tier 3 series for the SCS and since he's a veteran racing truck driver he joined with his team the McBlair Bunch.

S. McBlair: The second person of the McBlair Family is Samantha McBlair. She is 35 years old and is married to Randy McBlair. She is a younger mother, with 3 children. The first two children were accidents but she loves kids and went on with both. Anyways, she started racing at the late age of 25 when she officially married Randy. They did rally-cross together and were pretty consistent through-out. When she was 34 ARCSOA recruited her and she joined the ARCSOA Bass Pro Shops Truck Series to be on the first noted all-female team. Now she is once again racing in trucks for the McBlair Bunch in the Napa Truck Series.

A. McBlair: The third person of the McBlair Family is Andrew McBlair. He is 16 years old and is the son of Randy and Samantha McBlair. He started racing at the young age of 5 for the UK children rally-cross where they'd race through dirt roads in those electric plastic cars. He managed to pull off 0 wins and 5 podiums in his 10 races. He started go-karts when he was 14 which is where he got his road course skills, not even 2 years later he joined ARCSOA and went to Formula Alpha. He is known to be short-tempered and to be an aggressive driver.

B. McBlair: The fourth person of the McBlair Family is Becky McBlair. She is also 16 years old and the sister to Andrew, they are fraternal twins. She started racing at age 5 for the UK children rally-cross. She used to dominate the series, winning 8 races and 9 podiums in her 10 races. She never joined go-karts, she just went straight to training for rally-cross but instead ended up becoming a free agent for the Vodafone Advanced Series.

M. McBlair: The fifth person of the McBlair Family is Myles McBlair. He is 5 years old and the younger brother to Andrew and Becky McBlair. He is only now starting the UK children rally-cross series where he currently has 2 podiums out of two races.

OCC: Let me mention, I do not have as many drivers as it seems. I have Randy and Samantha who are for any truck series. Andrew who is for open-wheel series (Formula Alpha, ETC). Ehtisham and Bradley who are my main drivers. Becky who races in the minor leagues. That is 6... But only 2 are used often.
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The McBlair Family
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