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PostSubject: NEW Points Leader NO LONGER POINTS LEADER!   July 26th 2015, 9:44 pm

After the Round of Indianapolis Jeff James driver of the Coorweiser #88 Ford took the points lead from Jordan Fisher the rookie driver for Fisher Motorsports #2 Chevy. With a move early in the 400 mile race by James causing the biggest wreck of the SCS History at 33 cars piled down the straight away, a move wreckless enough to get someone killed left announcers, fans, and the officials breathless hoping for the best by every driver. Luckily everyone walked away fine.

Lee Mayers: I feel like the hard racing by everyone was a bit overwhelming early in the race. We saw Charles Sandfer race really hard early as well but the beating and banging at these speeds at 200+ mph you got to know where the line is in safety in how hard you can race a driver. We for one do not like wreckless driving. The move Jeff James pulled on Matt Daleo was a bit too much. However we do feel that Jeff James is a class act driver that we've never had a problem with him before in fact this was the first time I had to call him to the hauler. However at these speeds you simply can't beat against a driver who has little to no room at all giving you the entire inside line. I feel Matt Daleo was played a bit dirty and not only him but the other 33 drivers! Teams prepped hard for this race for months and leading up to this week. All for their hopes to end for one driver being wreckless. This wreckless move caused rookie driver Jordan Fisher to crash and lose the points lead finishing 27th. We felt that it was only necessary for us to give out a penalty worth giving out."

Jeff James after the running of the Indianapolis 400, Jeff James has been docked 34 points from his actions in the Indianapolis 400. Why 34pts? Well, Officials said that since he caused the biggest wreck of the race and crushed many drivers dreams of getting the chance to even make it to the finish and ruining a lot of drivers points day, the officials decided to place Jeff James last of all the drivers who wrecked out of the big one on lap 20. So Jeff James will get the 40th place points paying finish. Jeff James will only get 3 points out of racing at Indy. Everyone else gets the same points as it was leaving the race earlier today.


1. #2 Jordan Fisher
2. #97 Jake Baskinger -10
3. #88 Jeff James -18
4. #43 Andreas Allen -26
5. #6 Luke Martin -30
6. #95 Eric Burton -43
7. #25 Ashley Mace -45
8. #77 Cooper Syron -46
9. #17 Jesse Turner -47
10. #38 Chris Louivere -48
rest of the points is pretty much the same however everyone gained +18pts.

President Of The Sony Cup Series
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PostSubject: Re: NEW Points Leader NO LONGER POINTS LEADER!   July 27th 2015, 10:00 am

Shultz: "I respect him and all, but Jeff did deserve this. Starting a wreck is one thing, starting the biggest wreck in SCS history is another. But, in the end of the day we can all agree that Sandfer really deserved that win"

OCC: Fuel, PMed you some questions about the 2015 season and 2016 season. If you could reply that would be great!
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Fisher Motorsports

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PostSubject: Re: NEW Points Leader NO LONGER POINTS LEADER!   July 28th 2015, 6:36 pm

Jordan Fisher: Not the way we wanted to hopefully retake the points lead but I won't complain. Next race we will do whatever we can to get a solid finish meaning anywhere in the top 15. That wreck took out a lot of good cars and guys hoping to score a good run and win the 400, but we will go on to the next round with positive attitude and get a solid finish.
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PostSubject: Re: NEW Points Leader NO LONGER POINTS LEADER!   

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