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 Blake Warren

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Charlie Fibrosis

Charlie Fibrosis

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PostSubject: Blake Warren   Blake Warren EmptyJuly 20th 2015, 2:46 am

Born: 2/8/95
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Current City: Cincinnati, Ohio
Moniker: Charlie Fibrosis

Blake Warren was born on February 8th of 1995. Warren was born 3 months early and was very ill with lung and other issues. Weight in at 1 pound 14 ounces, it would be a very challenging road ahead. After 3 months in the NICU he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and started treatment for the lung issues and significantly improved.

At around age 5 Warren picked up onto racing. He stated "According to my dad, he was flipping though the channels and a NASCAR race popped up. I asked him to stay on the channel as I watched these fast colored cars roar around the tracks. I soon started asking questions about the cars and drivers and my dad compiled a book of driver biographies from print outs on the internet. I was hooked quickly and fell in love with the sport, having to know more and more about the sport. I was a major fan of Jeff Gordon from the 1999-2002 season."

Warren had honed his skills in some of the console racing games of Gran Turismo, NASCAR, and even a bit of practice and some stints in IndyCar and F1.

Finally a tested opportunity came about in the Eutechnyx forums when Warren going under the moniker "Charlie Fibrosis" in support of his disease, started racing in offline leagues and running things from Trucks to IndyCar. While having an abysmal career in IndyCar he did manage to win the owners championship for Trucks despite a fruitless season as a driver, he also become friends with BooyakaTheDragon after a horrifying crash almost took his life in an IndyCar event, Fibrosis abandoning his damaged race car to help aid in getting Booyaka to safety.

During the time between his spot in the Eutechnyx forums and prior his career in ARCSOA, he participated in online leagues and races on Gran Turismo 5, honing in his skills very well, winning a few NASCAR races, competing in an Indy 500, navigating the 24 Hours Of LeMans, and even winning a small handful of Karting events.

In order to fine tune his skills; Warren picked up a copy of NASCAR Racing 2003 Season and practiced a lot over the course of a year and beyond, in both becoming better at navigating the course and handling a car much better, and for fun, working in the paint shop to create a few car designs for his private garage.

Finally his big break came in the form of his old friend Booyaka who offered him a ride in the ARCSOA Dupont Cup Series where for 8 years with various teams, cars and rides he struggled and tried so hard to win and do well. Finally after 8 years of trying he would go on to win the Season 8 Dupont World Series Championship in a nailbiter of a finish. Afterwards he would go on to make his debut in the ARCSOA Elite Series and has racked up two championships in season 16 and season 18 and has done well since. He also competed briefly in the first ARCSOA Online Indycar World Championship season running the Pennzoil number 4, in homage to CART legend; Rick Mears. He would race in the triple header at Homestead finishing outside of the points and compete in the Indianapolis 150 before wrecking his car early in the race. He's earned the respect of fans and competitors alike due to his kind nature and sportsmanlike attitude.

On his career "I would say I've had my ups and downs. The downs were frustrating and somewhat depressing, but I realize that those downs had to happen and I'm glad in retrospect to have them early in my career so I could experience the success I have now. I feel comfortable and happy where I am, and even though I have bigger ambitions in the future, I am happy to have made it this far and hope for more wins and success in the future."

Warren says that he wants to some day win the American 700 and an event at Indianapolis and Daytona.

When off the track Warren enjoys playing video games, working in film making, playing and maintaining his PC gaming rig, raising awareness and money for Cystic Fibrosis, and spending time with his family and friends.

The 20 year old has a lot ahead and looks forward to the future.
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Blake Warren
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