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 Some out of character stuff

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PostSubject: Some out of character stuff   June 28th 2015, 2:36 pm

I recently discovered what the Papy AI was. Never messed with it before. Needless to say I had a lot of fun with it. A few changes I have made

1. I have changed the mechanical failure ratio from 12 in 1000 to 60 in 1000- I don't honestly think it will make a huge difference in the majority of the races, but it will make a HUGE difference in the Endurance races.
    A. I ran a test American 700 with only 17 cars finishing, 4 cars fell out due to accidents and every other DNF was due to mechanical failures.
B. I also swapped out the percentages of Non-terminal mechanical failures for terminal ones. For example I lowered the percentage of a tire puncture while I raised the probability of an engine failure

2. AI will be far more aggressive with each other and with their breaking zones
   A. Huge difference on Road Courses, virtually no difference on Ovals.
   B. Expect AI to make mistakes and create accidents rather then me bunching everyone up by using the AI Drafting distance.
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Some out of character stuff
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