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 Blue Flare skipping European Tour?

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PostSubject: Blue Flare skipping European Tour?    June 23rd 2015, 5:40 pm

One of the big rumors leading up to the European tour is the fact that Blue Flare Motorsports, recently dealing with the trauma of the death of their owner, may not have the money to go oversea's to Europe. ARCSOA CEO Stephanie Tilton stated, "I honestly have no clue what is going on with them, however the fact that the team has no sponsorship, and is running up huge expenses and is taking no money in, is quite concerning." Tilton also came up with a solution, "If they intend to run Europe, I would highly expect them to hire two European drivers with money to keep their cash flow coming. Or a possibly better option for them would be to sit out Europe, and work on a B-Spec car for returning to America." Tilton concluded with this, "I have a couple local teams that want to enter some European races, and maybe run the American 700 later in the season. So there is still a very real chance that we will see 40+ cars on the grid for the European races."
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PostSubject: Re: Blue Flare skipping European Tour?    June 23rd 2015, 6:01 pm

Freeman: "We are highly considering skipping off the European Tour. The final decision hasn't been made, but it's most likely we will. I'll apologize in advance to Pericles and Rehall if we do skip off the tour. Same with Shultz, but in the long run this will help us financially. I'll be able to raise some money and save it, we'll be able to work on our cars and make them better, AND we might be able to get some sponsors. So, this'll be a decision we'll make in the upcoming Blue Flare Motorports meeting"

OCC: Kenny, I PMed you asking a few questions...
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Blue Flare skipping European Tour?
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