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 Stephanie Tilton to resign after Season 19

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PostSubject: Stephanie Tilton to resign after Season 19   June 20th 2015, 2:04 am

In a surprising development ARCSOA CEO Stephanie Tilton announced that she will be resigning after Season 19. She announced this in a press release in the Round of Louisiana. "I want to settle down and start a family," said Tilton. "When I began with the ARCSOA company as a marketing intern, I never thought I would become the CEO of ARCSOA at age 28. Now I am getting older, and I want to start a family, and if I wait too much longer, it will be too late."

While Tilton has made some controversial decisions, there is no question that she has grown the sport from a small American Stock Car Series, to an international motorsport powerhouse. She is credited as the marketing genius behind the American 700, despite not being CEO at the time of the inaugural running.

It is unclear who her replacement might be, some say it will be Sony Cup Series CEO Bobby Edgar, or ARCSOA Marketing Director Audrey Cunningham. When asked about her predecessor Tilton said, "I will have 'significant input' on who my replacement will be. The person that is picked to replace me, I expect will continue what I and Bill (Carpenter) have started in this series."
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PostSubject: Re: Stephanie Tilton to resign after Season 19   June 20th 2015, 10:52 am

There should be a vote where is members of the forum vote who will get Tilton's spot and you pretend Stephanie Tilton picked the winner...
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Stephanie Tilton to resign after Season 19
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