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 ANNOUNCEMENT: The Official Name For "DuPont Lites"!

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PostSubject: ANNOUNCEMENT: The Official Name For "DuPont Lites"!   June 18th 2015, 3:05 am

In a press conference with DWSR Commissioner Aric Wolff announced the official name for DWSRs developmental series that was codenamed "DuPont Lites". With only a few weeks until the season begins, here is the the official name...

Horrible logo aside......the official name is: DuPont World Series of Racing Division II or DWSR D2 for short.

I have some ideas with this name and how I can use it. I'm a fan of football or soccer as some may call it and they usually do names like this for their minor leagues. I want to do that kind of naming system, hell we could even have a Division III for next year which would be the third tier level and so on.


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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Official Name For "DuPont Lites"!
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