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 Kenny Myatt

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PostSubject: Kenny Myatt   Kenny Myatt EmptyJune 7th 2015, 11:44 am

Born: 4/11/80
Hometown: Bay Village, Ohio
Current City: Sandusky, Ohio

Kenny Myatt was born on April 11th 1980. Myatt was very sickly during the beginning of his life, frequently in and out of the hospitals with lung issues. They corrected themselves when he was around 5 years old. Kenny's dad then got him involved in Auto Racing. His father raced in the Firestone V8 Champcar Series back in the late 70's with a best finish of 7th at Long Beach. A wreck at Michigan International Speedway in 1979 ended his career however.

Kenny Myatt was very interested in going open wheel racing, he ended up winning the Ohio Karting championship two years in a row and needed to go on to bigger and better things. The only series that would take him at his quite small age was a new upstart Sedan series called the ARCSOA Elite Series, which consisted of many people his age, including Nick Mace, Noah Hart, and Jacob Hart. The four of them would be called the pioneers of the series

Myatt would win the first ever running of the ARCSOA Elite Series. However would struggle all the way to Season 8 in which he would win the 8th Season of the title. With that championship, he became the first ever 2 time champion. Noah Hart, would become the second when he sandwiched his Season 8 championship by winning the 7th and 9th season. Jacob Hart would end up being the third driver to win two titles in Season 4 and 13. Charlie Fibrosis would be the 4th with Seasons 16's and Season 18's. Myatt would become the first driver to win 3 titles after he won the Season 17 championship in a thrilling battle of strategy with Cody Llamas and Ike Durbin.

During his Season 9 campaign Myatt was in a rather large crash in the tragic Round of California. However Myatt stated in an interview at the Season 19 opener, "It was the crash I was kind of glad I was involved in." Because he would then meet his future wife, Dr. Madison Forsythe. Forsythe was then an intern on the ARCSOA medical crew and assisted Myatt after his crash, where he had a broken ankle after the crash. Forsythe was the medical staffer who rode in the ambulance from the track to Loma Linda medical center. From then on they kicked it off and were married in a quiet ceremony on the island nation of Amaria during the Season 13 -Season 14 off-season. Myatt and Forsythe would welcome twins into the world in January during the Season 17 - Season 18 off season.

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Kenny Myatt
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