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 Jeffery Finguy

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Jeffery Bryan Finguy
June 16th, 1980 - March 5th, 2015

Jeffery Finguy was born in a quaint town, Belleville, Michigan. He and twin brother Johnny Finguy was born to their father JF(John Fitzgerald) Finguy and mother Crissy Dyruk. Crissy Dyruk was an immigrant from Finland, making both Jeffery, Johnny, and later on, sister Darby Finguy, apart of the Finnish heritage. Crissy Dyruk is also related to Phaula Thenos' mother Ragyo Thenos. In reality, Phaula and Jeffery, are related by bloodlines.

At an early age, Jeffery was invested in racing. Due to the fact, JF Finguy was a local short track legend in the state of Michigan. Sense Jeffery himself was in love with the sport, he quickly got a hold on to win quickly, and fast. Even slugging it out with father JF Finguy. The two had an even 50-50 record against each other. But JF retired after the 100th fight. And Jeffery moved on, to bigger and better things.

That bigger and better thing, was the ARCSOA Elites Series. The Michigan native was the only one coming from Michigan at the sport in Season 10, in his rookie year, Finguy didn't wrack any wins. But multiple top 5's and top 10's. He was a longshot for the championship going in. But a third he settled. This attracted the intrests in his childhood sweetheart Eris Shock. After the season, the two married. Out of all things, at Le Mans. Because Daytona was a damn ripoff.

In Season 11, he was apart in the most dominant form of a team ever. Team Red Bull. Yet having a hold in the top spots with his teammate at the time, tragedy hit at the Supercell SSX at Texas, Jeffery was involved in a wreck that literally left him injured. And he had to step down. Only returning to the Round of British Columbia, Jeffery DOMINATED the race, capturing his first ARCSOA win. Putting another Michigan name in the scoreboard. After this season however, he stepped out. And moved on to the Sony Cup Series.

In the Sony Cup Series debut, Finguy was a very... Conversational. He was a 'Mirk with a Mouth'. And even sneaked a win in. Taking it at Baer Field. Seems that even Jeffery was just a conversation starter, almost getting into fights. But, after that. He was off the grid, before he returns to the Elites Series. And did he come back into a storm. This being in Season 15, while driving the Wood Bros. 21, Jeffery won at Supercell. The track he was injured on. But yet. Didn't take the championship.

In Season 16, Finguy was signed up for the American Invitational Championship. But yet, it somehow got him back into a full-time ride. This, being with DurbinSports; Lykos(Now DurbinSports; Sanctum). And it turned out successful. In Season 17, Finguy scored a win at Road Atlanta. And he was content on the team. He even said the team was a second home as he developed a friendship with Driver/Owner, Ike Durbin. And the two were never apart. Making a few starts in the now DWSR, Jeffery, drove the number 7. And did horribly.

Making a return to the SCS, Jeffery drove the number 25 for Mace Enterprise. It was fruitfully bad, but he took the win at the Finale at Auto Club. Also at this time, he subbed in the DWSR once more. Driving Jonathan Scavniky's 82. It was good, until him and Alan 'Cavy', got at it. Either the two almost were at each others throats or not, they hated each other. But, least they didn't kill each other.

Season 18 arose in the Elites, and Season 10 of the DWSR was upon Finguy. Driving his number 92 Sanctum, and the SUMS number 74. Finguy cracked a Top 5 at the DWSR event at Darlington. And his final win in the Elites at Trois-Rivier├Ęs. But it would turn from a high point into a serious low. In lap 7 in the Elites event at Road America, the two teammates of Jake Basinger, and Sean Angel decided to wreck each other. Collecting Jeffery in the wreck. The roof of his car was crushed into the driver.

On the way to the hospital, Finguy was unresponsive. This turned into the last race he would ride in. Jeffery Finguy, was presumed dead on arrival. He left behind wife Eris, and a daughter to be. He was only 34 years of age.

Out of this, more safety implications were made. Even the introduction of a new way to protect drivers. There was a new bar developed so Jeffery's death wouldn't happen again. This was called, The 'Finguy' Bar.

Jeffery Finguy was a very honorable man. Donating to charities. Even partnering with his own, with Susan G. Kolman, with a 'Race' for the Cure event. Hopefully, it will keep alive. Even after his passing. Maybe ARCSOA should pitch in.
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Jeffery Finguy
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