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 I'm here, does cheesecake come with signing up?

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I'm here, does cheesecake come with signing up? Empty
PostSubject: I'm here, does cheesecake come with signing up?   I'm here, does cheesecake come with signing up? EmptyMarch 3rd 2015, 4:29 pm

Hey there, I'm Kyle Collins! You will catch me in most ARCSOA series, I will try not to get in your nerves Razz
You might catch my other drivers around:
-Rick Shultz [Primary Driver]
-Barker Yashin [Primary Driver]
-Klara Liepins [Primary Driver]
-Alex McIntyre [Primary Driver]
-Ariana Kearney [Primary Driver]
-Jay Stella [Secondary Driver]
-Madison Square [Secondary Driver]

Ok, I'll explain what I mean by primary driver and secondary. So, basically the drivers you'll see me putting in leagues are those labeled as primary driver, and the ones labeled as secondary drivers will kinda be crew chiefs.
So, I use Rick Shultz and now Ariana Kearney as my two top drivers, they'll both be in AES (depending whether somebody signs them) and in any other random league I join.
I use Barker Yashin and Klara Liepins in Formula Alpha. That's basically the only place you'll see them.
I use Alex McIntyre in Lights as a veteran to challenge the rookies. I have no high intensions of putting him in the AES, maybe in DWSR.
You'll probably never see Madison Square on the track as she's a truck racer/crew chief and Jay Stella only races in his annual American 700 visit. He hopes one day to be a AES official helping with ruling penalties and stuff like that.
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I'm here, does cheesecake come with signing up?
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