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 DuPont World Series of Racing All-Time Winning List (Updated As of Post-2014)

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PostSubject: DuPont World Series of Racing All-Time Winning List (Updated As of Post-2014)   May 15th 2015, 10:38 pm


Noah Hart: 13 Wins
Cody Llamas: 12 Wins
Eugene Demax: 11 Wins  
Charlie Fibrosis: 10 Wins
Michael Block: 9 Wins
Daniel Day: 8 Wins
Stephen Pollard III 8 Wins
Dillon Young: 7 Wins  
Eric Burton: 7 Wins
Kris Wascher: 7 Wins
Zach Rogers: 7 Wins
Nicholas Guerra: 6 Wins
Jason Trost: 6 Wins
Shaun Gallighan: 6 Wins
William Duncan: 6 Wins  
Seth Cole: 6 Wins
Ian Dutta: 5 Wins
Dustin Griffitts: 5 Wins
Austin Ogo: 5 Wins
Brandon Griffitts: 5 Wins
Charles Sandfer: 5 Wins
Nick Mace: 4 Wins
PJ Williams: 4 Wins
Alan Cavagnaro: 4 Wins
DJ Kurtis: 4 Wins
Richerd Johnson: 3 Wins
Jake Cole: 3 Wins
Jonathan Scavnicky: 3 Wins
Hayden Kline: 2 Wins
Austin LaPlante: 2 Wins
Angel Navarro: 2 Wins
Mason Wood: 2 Wins
Deanna Shelton: 2 Wins
Zach Buchanan: 2 Wins
Justin Perry: 2 Wins
Dylan Schwallenberg: 2 Wins  
Pichu London: 2 Wins
Joshua Michaels: 2 Wins
Nathan Minazuki: 2 Wins
Dillon Poteet: 2 Wins
Charles Jackson: 2 Wins
Matthew Fuller: 2 Wins
Jeanne Sandfer: 2 Wins
Jacob Hart: 2 Wins
Jacob Antony: 2 Wins
James Shelly: 2 Wins
Jake Baskinger: 2 Wins
Alex Allen: 2 Wins
Jordan Davis: 2 Wins
Power Quest: 1 Win
Skye Commons: 1 Win
Ty Naughton: 1 Win
Chris Reichenbach: 1 Win
Joey Murphy: 1 Win
Drew Austin: 1 Win
Jacob Lawlor: 1 Win
Alex Jones: 1 Win
Alex DiMarco: 1 Win
Luis Hernandez: 1 Win
Ashley LaPlante: 1 Win
Cole Dalley: 1 Wins
Nico Hall: 1 Win
Vincent Allen: 1 Win
Kenny Myatt 1 Win
Zachary Fitzwater: 1 Win
Jourdain Smith: 1 Win


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DuPont World Series of Racing All-Time Winning List (Updated As of Post-2014)
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