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 Sony Cup Series CEO Bobby Edgar Speaks Out After DAYTONA 500

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PostSubject: Sony Cup Series CEO Bobby Edgar Speaks Out After DAYTONA 500   April 23rd 2015, 4:59 pm

For many seasons our Sony Cup Series CEO, Head-Leader in Office of the Sony Cup Series was remained unknown to the public for quite a long time. Lee Mayers the founding father of the Sony Cup Series created the series and was the CEO of the series til Season 11, after the public became somewhat uninterested in the series after Season 9-11 being somewhat mediocre to the fans. Ernie Neesmith came aboard in Season 12 in hopes of making the sport more entertaining and making it more
"realistic" adding in season formats as such of the "Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Seasons of 2014" Ernie's plan fell through and went back to just Season Formats. Ernie brought the series back to form in Season 14-15 but the last few seasons haven't been the very best seasons in the sports history.

Ernie would hand the leadership down to Bobby Edgar for the Season 19. Bobby had a different approach in how he'd take this sport, he wanted the sport to be like all the other sports on national televison. Battling for wins and championships in a yearly formatted season. Thus the Sony Cup Series is now a series running a usual season inside the 2015 Season and won't end til late December. Bobby Edgar said this after the DAYTONA 500, "We tried to hype this race up more than anything I feel
like the fans are more excited than ever to see cars on the track and we are too. DAYTONA was fun, however we the adjustments to the arrowpackage for the superspeedway cars to slingshot like this has caused dangerous speeds we are not too happy about. We were happy to hear that everyone walked away fine from the wrecks
on Sunday. Luke Martin is injuried but will still race is what we have hear and we are pleased with how the event with."

President Of The Sony Cup Series
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Sony Cup Series CEO Bobby Edgar Speaks Out After DAYTONA 500
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